Letter: Prayer and addiction

Monday, April 25, 2016
Prayer and addiction

Some media are reporting that Prince was treated for a drug overdose a few days before he died. While the human reasons for addictions are many, and the pull of addictive substances may feel insurmountable, divine help is beneficial and is always at hand.

Prayer can always be helpful in healing the most difficult situations, even severe drug addictions. Not to appreciate the value of prayer in the most challenging situations would be a mistake, especially when there is documented proof of its effectiveness.

I’ve found that effective prayer is holy thinking and reasoning along with spiritual study and listening. More than asking the divine for blessing, it’s acknowledging that God is good and pure, and that it is natural for us, too, to be good and pure, whole and complete.

Addiction is something we can all defeat with God’s help. It’s also a mental thing, so prayer can help heal it. God provides love, satisfaction, and the spiritual strength to resist and defeat what is addictive.

A friend was healed of a lifelong smoking habit through prayer as taught in Christian Science. He came to understand that God is Love and that man is made in Love’s image and likeness, as the Bible says.

Divine Love does not lead its children into the material temptation to smoke or take drugs. Love provides satisfaction and completeness, health and wholeness. When we realize this is true for ourselves, we can demonstrate dominion in our experience right now.

George Reed


(The writer is the media and legislative liaison for Christian Scientists in New Hampshire.)