Letter: Progressive hatred

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Progressive hatred

Debra Marshall’s column “Confessions of a hater” (Monitor Forum, March 7) was a diatribe of pure emotion eclipsing any semblance of reason or reality – unhinged yet all telling.

Things people hate about others are the things we fear within ourselves. Freud called this projection and people reject what they don’t like about themselves translates into: “I’m not bad; you are.”

Psychologist Brad Reedy writes, “we repress the things that we thought were bad (what others told us or suggested to us that was unlovable and morally reprehensible) – and we employ hate and judgment towards others. We think that is how one rids oneself of undesirable traits, but this method only perpetuates repression which leads to many mental health issues.”

Does Marshall really “hate”? Acts of hate and anger are tactics that humans use to distract from feeling helpless, powerless, inadequate, shameful, insecure and unaccomplished in life. When one hates it is a cry to regain power over their own pain and an opportunity to strike out against others.

Marshall wrote of “hate,” mentioning it 35 times affirming in her heart of hearts she has learned to “hate”; Something she liberally assigns to others.

If nothing else, Marshall’s column and Forum comments reveal that progressives are no more enlightened, compassionate, tolerant, inclusive or interested in diversity of opinion than those they attack on an ongoing daily basis, a.k.a. anyone who does not agree with their beliefs and ideology with absolute certainty.

In particular, the Forum comments expose that “hate” equally emanates from the left.