Property at Boscawen dairy farm to be protected as cropland

Published: 1/10/2022 4:35:14 PM
Modified: 1/10/2022 4:34:21 PM

More than 120 acres at a nearly century-old dairy farm in Boscawen is going to be protected as cropland.

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests announced Friday it worked with the town to buy a conservation easement for the property.

The Morrill Farm Dairy, founded in 1925, is known for its red and white Holsteins. The Morrills milk 140 cows, but the property under the conservation easement is managed as cropland. The fields on the conservation area are alternated between growing hay, corn, and a mix of other grains. The fields also provide important open land habitat for ground nesting birds, woodcocks, turkeys, and other species.

The farm owns or leases over 500 acres on which they produce corn, hay, and small grains. The Forest Society already holds conservation easements on several other parcels of land either owned or leased by Morrill Farm Dairy.

“As farms shut down and houses are built on former cropland, people become more removed from their food source,” Rob Morrill said in a statement. “Agriculture is closely tied to conservation and land stewardship, and we are committed to conserving our land and being good neighbors.”

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