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Online Display Ad Rates

Online Display (Banner) Ads on are sold as a run-of-site package. This means we will create four ad sizes for you and rotate those throughout the site, maximizing opportunities for visibility, including on mobile devices. 

ROS package rate is $15 per thousand impressions (CPM).
Single ad sizes, or section specific placement rate is $17 per thousand.

Sizes are: Leaderboard (970x90 or 728x90 pixels),  Half Page, (300x600 pixels), Medium Rectangle  (300x250 pixels), Mobile (320x50 pixels)

Discounts for volume and duration commitments are available.

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Online Ad Specifications

Ad Pixel and Maximum File Sizes
Ad Size Pixel Size Gif/JPG Max File Size (k) Flash Max Files Size (k)
Standard IAB Sizes:
Leaderboard 728x90 30 40
Mobile Leaderboard 320x50 30 60
Half Page 300x600 80 80
Medium Rectangle 300x250 30 40
Additional Sizes:
Sponsorship Badge 300x100 30 40

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