Letter: Support work of Renew New England

Published: 7/6/2020 12:01:15 AM

On Tuesday night, Renew New England was launched with a digital rally. Renew New England is a coalition of racial justice organizations, labor unions, and environmental advocates dedicated to building a grassroots regional movement to address major social, economic, and environmental challenges. It is working to elect leaders who will implement inspirational policies across the region.

While the specific policy proposals are still being finalized, Renew plans to start by creating good-paying, unionized jobs with a jobs guarantee program. The program is designed to achieve economic recovery by providing jobs to build, improve, and operate regional infrastructure, increasing demand for sustainable materials, growing our region’s local industries, and ensuring that everyone’s basic needs – housing, health care, food, energy, transportation, clean air and water – are met.

I am only 17 years old. My generation has inherited this world and all of its crises. We will be the ones who will suffer because of the corporations and the politicians they support sitting back and letting the money roll in. For this reason, we do not see solving the climate crisis in this time frame as “too much change too fast.” We see it as our only path to survival.

The climate crisis is our most existential threat. My generation needs you. Many of us cannot yet vote. We need you to support Renew New England’s work and to vote for politicians who are committed to working to stop this impending catastrophe and renew our society to achieve civil, economic, and environmental justice.



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