Letter: Stand firm, override veto of death penalty repeal

Published: 5/19/2019 12:01:20 AM

I urge all citizens of New Hampshire to contact their legislators and ask them to vote to override the governor’s veto of House Bill 455, the bill that repeals the death penalty in New Hampshire.

I am a Christian and am motivated by my reading of Scripture to work diligently for repeal of the death penalty. God never gives up on a person even when they have committed a horrible act. We see this in the biblical stories of Cain, Moses, David and Paul. I strive to consider God’s actions as I advocate for a just criminal justice system.

As public policy, the use of capital punishment is expensive, fraught with the possibility of executing those who are innocent, unhelpful to the families of those who have been murdered, no deterrent to murder and damaging to those who must carry out the execution. Justice and public safety are upheld by convicting someone who murders and sentencing them to a modern secure prison facility.

The only remaining reason for the death penalty is retribution, and I do not want to see the government, which represents me, acting on the basis of such a rationale.

I ask all representatives and senators in New Hampshire to stand firm and override the governor’s veto of HB 455, which repeals the death penalty.



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