Letter: Let’s get dark money out of politics

Published: 4/30/2019 12:01:21 AM

Whoa! Gadzooks! Eureka! Thank you, John Pudner (Monitor Opinion, April 26). In case you missed it, Democrats and Republicans have, and should find, something to agree upon in what Pudner has to say. Take the time to read it.

On Wednesday, House Bill 504 will be heard before the Senate Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee in the Legislative Office Building, Room 102, at 9 a.m. This bill, “to regulate the role of money in elections and governance to ensure transparency, prevent corruption and protect against the buying of access to or influence over representatives,” deserves to be resoundingly passed by the full state Senate. This bill previously passed the House by a 95-vote margin. That may not be enough to override a curmudgeonly partisan veto, but that’s his problem, isn’t it?

Nineteen state legislatures and executive officers have already passed this word on to Congress. It’s now up to New Hampshire to be the 20th. Fourteen more states and the bar is met to develop the amendment. Then onward to the U.S. Congress, state ratification and we take back our republic.

Get behind it and support this bill. Let’s get dark money out of our elections and campaigns for public office. Restore our democracy to the people. Contact your state representatives in the House and Senate now to support HB 504.

Did I say yahoo?



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