Letter: Reverse business tax cuts

Published: 1/11/2019 12:01:06 AM

I ask our elected representatives in Concord to reverse the two most recent business profit tax cuts, which have forced local governments to raise property taxes on retirees and working families in order to make up for the 50 percent shortfall in state funding of towns and school districts.

Repeating a mantra that carte blanche deregulation and corporate tax cuts lead to economic growth is like taking out a payday loan and claiming to be wealthy. Our children, and later we as retirees, will be forced to reckon with ballooning environmental, educational and health care costs.

While I would never presume to accuse Republican legislators of intentionally using government to redistribute homeowners’ income to businesses, this inevitably occurs when business tax cuts coincide with reductions in funding to local towns and schools.

If we’re doing well enough to cut business taxes, it seems insidious we would also cut funding for schools.

Middle-class families like mine would not be facing rising mortgages to keep our local schools adequately funded, and retirees in our region would not be selling their homes at unprecedented rates because they can’t afford the taxes.

It is not the job of government to redistribute wealth, but it also is most certainly not the government’s place to redistribute the hard-earned money of the middle class back to companies that profit from our hard work in the first place.




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