Letter: The many reasons to revoke Atlas’s license

Published: 11/22/2020 12:01:40 AM
Modified: 11/22/2020 12:01:25 AM

Dr. Scott Atlas, the radiologist turned pandemic misinformation purveyor of the Trump administration, should face professional ostracism for his call for Michigan residents to rise up against state COVID control measures.

Not for his views – to which every American has a right. But for deliberate abuse of power – deliberate misrepresentation of the vast majority of the medical profession’s position on COVID control from his position.

The indefensible call for civil disobedience is not in this case simple freedom of speech. Using the bully pulpit of his position is a violation of the regulation of one of his states of licensure: Oregon.

Under the category of “unprofessionalism,” he violates at least two of the requirements for licensure that demands investigation, and revocation: giving testimony that is untruthful, and abuse of power – “proselytizing a point of view in order to change a patient’s mind.” In this case, a lot of potential patients across the country.

Again, while he is entitled to his opinion, it is unconscionable to use his position to influence others toward it. And the term “rise up” against proven public health measures meant to protect millions of people certainly violates the physician’s Hippocratic Oath: “First of all, do no harm.”

And by the way, none of us believes your “unfamiliar with Twitter” nonsense, Scott. You meant it and are unwilling to man up under evolving criticism richly deserved.




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