Letter: Right to work bill is a no-brainer

Published: 1/8/2017 12:01:14 AM
Right-to-work bill is a no-brainer

As a new representative from Hillsborough District 1, I will soon be asked to vote on a right-to-work law. I can’t imagine an easier vote than this.

Everyone in our state and in our nation ought to be able to work and earn a living without paying some third party for that privilege. By the same token, everyone who wishes to pay some third party to represent them should also have that right.

Some are seeking a compromise that would give everyone the right to work except government workers, thus making them second-class citizens. I will vote only for a clean right-to-work bill that guarantees everyone’s right to work without paying a third party if they don’t want to.

The state has no right to force people to pay for something they don’t want to buy. I also believe the state should not be a collection agency for outside interests, such as banks, insurance companies, investment plans or any other third party except government agencies unless ordered by our judges in accordance with our Constitution.

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