Letter: An unhealthy law

Published: 1/9/2017 12:01:16 AM
An unhealthy law

The political quest of New Hampshire Republicans to pass a misnamed right-to-work law isn’t about improving economic conditions. Based on income, social and health scores, New Hampshire already is in far better shape than the overwhelming majority of so-called right-to-work states. We have lower unemployment, our wages are higher, we are more educated and more employed people have health care coverage.

Given the awful conditions in so many right-to-work states, passing the same legislation in New Hampshire will not make our lives better and could reverse our current progress. So why are our new governor and Republicans in Concord so determined to inflict this disaster-prone policy on New Hampshire working families? Maybe they believe they can confuse the unsuspecting public about what right-to-work will actually do to us.

Deceptively named right-to-work laws do not increase workplace fairness and are not designed to help job-seekers get ahead. Instead, right-to-work policies are complicated, controversial and out of the mainstream. For over half a century, the campaign to pass right-to-work in all 50 states has been the pet project of right-wing fringe groups and billionaire businessmen who want to weaken workplace rights.

For New Hampshire, right-to-work would mean a future with more bad jobs, less employment security and more income inequality.

Our elected legislators should not be forcing a misleading, unnecessary and unhealthy right-to-work law on the people of New Hampshire just because they can.



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