Letter: ‘Right to work’ is government intrusion

Published: 12/18/2016 12:01:07 AM
‘Right to work’ is government intrusion

New GOP leadership is coming in. The chatter about right-to-work legislation is loud. How much truth is there to supporters’ claims? Actually, not a lot.

Sure, there’s a colorful name for it but that’s because no one would support a law called “massive government intrusion.” That’s what it is though, big government sticking its nose into business – unfortunately to manipulate commerce and free market enterprise. It strips employers and employees of important rights, like choosing to work together in the way they best see fit. Better called, “Right to Control You,” it puts an end to that freedom, even if bosses and employees are happy and just want to be left alone.

Right to work is nothing more than another bend-over, thank-you-may-I-have-another, squeamish, weak response to out-of-state businesses that want to flex muscle to control the Granite State. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise isn’t telling the truth. They’ll claim it’s about freedom, jobs, the economy, business competition, yada yada. But it’s not – it’s a ploy. It’s government interference, plain and simple. N.H. lawmakers should reject it for the farce that it is.

To date, every New England state has stood strong and independent when it came to saying no to the bogus story line being peddled around state capitols. There is no good reason for N.H. to cave to out-of-state manipulators now. N.H. businesses deserve the right to operate without government trying to control everything – including relationships with their own employees.



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