Letter: Right-to-work isn’t good for N.H.

Published: 1/5/2017 12:03:16 AM
No good for N.H.

Gov. Chris Sununu seems convinced that New Hampshire needs a so-called right-to-work law. What he’s actually proposing is that New Hampshire should do more to cater to big business operations that want to bring low-road, low-wage employment practices into our state.

New Hampshire’s present job outlook seems pretty rosy to me – I see “help wanted” signs in the windows of big and small businesses everywhere I go. How would having a right-to-work law improve on that?

We don’t need more low-quality jobs in New Hampshire. We need more jobs that provide stable employment and living wages, in every corner of the state. We may need innovations and new policies to help us get there, but even hardcore right-to-work supporters have admitted there is no real evidence that having the law will help employment and economic growth.

In fact, passing right-to-work is much more likely to reduce access to middle-income jobs in New Hampshire. I think that by pushing right-to-work, Chris Sununu is playing with fire and people like me are the ones who will get burned.

Instead of rushing through bad legislation like right-to-work, our new governor should do more to address the state’s real problems, like how to make college more affordable and making New Hampshire a more attractive place to live and work for talented young people who are leaving the state for better opportunities.

Hannah Chisholm


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