Letter: Scenic N.H. for sale

Published: 3/3/2021 12:01:09 AM

New Hampshire’s land, water, forests, lakes, and wildlife are some of our most precious and most vital financial resources. So, it seems like a simple and straightforward idea to prohibit landfills from harming or destroying those resources in the form of our state parks as in House Bill 177.

Surprisingly, there is great and organized opposition to this simple idea both in the Republican Party in our state and in Gov. Chris Sununu’s administration.

Why would anyone oppose such a good idea? For financial contributions? For campaign contributions for Gov. Sununu to run for U.S. Senate?

While many national trade and industry groups have stopped funding the campaigns of U.S. representatives and senators who supported Trump’s big lie about the election being stolen, the waste management lobby has continued to provide funding to those Republicans.

Does that national funding for pro-waste management issues affect us in New Hampshire? You might ask the good people of Dalton about their battle with Casella Waste, a wide-ranging landfill company that now does business in six states and now wants to build a massive landfill within two miles of Forest Lake State Park.

You might also look carefully at who contributed to Gov. Sununu’s Inauguration Fund to the tune of $2,500 in 2020. That would be Waste Management of Houston, Texas.

Much like the proposed Casella landfill, what is really happening is long-term, dangerous, and hidden from plain sight.



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