Letter: Berlin seen and heard, but not by the governor

Published: 7/27/2019 9:00:30 PM

I am really impressed by the letter from Corinne Cascadden, superintendent of SAU 3 (Monitor letters, June 30). She, Berlin School Board Chairwoman Nicole Plourde and Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier testified before the House Education Committee, the House Finance Committee, the Senate Education Committee and the Senate Finance Committee on the state budget over the course of several weeks. They informed members of these committees about the serious financial struggles the schools and taxpayers of Berlin are having, and that the state needs to provide more support. When the Senate and House Bill 2 budget passed, they truly felt they had been “seen and heard” and that Berlin would be saved, at least for now.

Now all they worked so hard to achieve has been thrown into jeopardy because the governor saw fit to veto the budget. Whom had the governor seen and heard? Clearly not the good emissaries from Berlin and countless other communities across the state.

The shame is that there is no need for the state’s dereliction of duty. Contrary to the unending reverberations in the Republican echo chamber, there are more than enough resources in New Hampshire to sustainably satisfy the needs of our communities and schools. New Hampshire ranked seventh nationally in per capita personal income for the year 2018.

What is lacking is the decency, the generosity and the will to fairly raise the needed revenues and to equitably distribute them. What is needed is the vision that doing so will redound to the well-being of us all.



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