Letter: Sears memories

Published: 10/21/2018 12:01:14 AM

Ray Duckler’s excellent piece about Sears (Monitor front page, Oct. 17) stirred a great many memories for me and I’m sure many other longtime locals.

The downtown Sears was a hub of activity in Concord, not only as a shopping experience but as a place to connect with locals. It seemed as though everyone shopped at Sears at one time or another. Even as a youngster in grade school, a trip to Sears was met with great enthusiasm. This was probably never more important than during the holiday season.

Sears had the best Santa Claus in town and when he appeared on his throne the day after Thanksgiving, you truly knew the season had begun.

When I started working at the Concord Theatre, across the street from Sears, in the late 1960s, Friday night was the night that every downtown business was open until 9. Thousands flocked to Main Street to do their shopping and few if any businesses were as busy as Sears. I would watch hundreds pour in and out of the familiar landmark, many of them heading across the street afterwards to take in the latest movie offering.

In Concord, Manchester and many other communities, the departure of the downtown Sears stores for mall settings seems to have begun the decline of the commercial giant. I know that I’ve probably not visited the Sears at the Steeplegate Mall more than three or four times in the past 25 years. However, the name Sears has always brought with it a wealth of good memories for me and for many others.



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