Letter: A cultural shift

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
A cultural shift

What to say about all these men falling by the wayside due to revelations of their abuse of power to harass and sexually abuse women lo these many years.

People I encounter are shocked and surprised. I’m not. After working at the N.H. Commission for Human Rights for 13 years investigating, among other things, sexual harassment in the work place, I’m sorry to say I’m neither shocked nor surprised.

I am, however, both disappointed and encouraged. Disappointed in the men who are finally being outed and encouraged by the women who are overcoming their shock and shame to come forward and unburden themselves. And I’m also encouraged that maybe, just maybe, in this misogynistic world, some attention will be focused on the hostile environment women are constantly confronting (and on those rare occasion, on the men and boys who too hide their shame even deeper than abused women have).

Maybe, just maybe, the spotlight will create some cultural shift. One can only hold on to that belief and keep confronting abuse wherever and whenever it occurs and support those who do.