Letter: Scrooged

Friday, December 22, 2017

So, Trump voters, now you will learn what every contractor and subcontractor Donald Trump has ever dealt with already knows: He will shaft you at every turn after promising you the moon.

Trump says he won’t benefit from the tax cut bill. He lied. He and his family will make another small fortune off this bill. The president says he is giving you a great big Christmas present. He is, but it is a long, sharp shaft. The corporate tax cuts are large and permanent. In addition, all of the corporate loopholes that existed before that lowered the effective corporate rate to 18.6 percent are still there. Those provisions reduced corporate tax liability by an average of 18.3 percent. Using that figure, corporations will now pay an effective rate of 2.4 percent.

Where do you think all that other money to fund the federal government will come from? Right, from you and me. And now they will have to try to slash Medicare and Social Security to pay for the massive additional debt that this bill will produce.

And those provisions are only the ones we actually know about. The bill is 500-plus pages of goodies for the corporate and wealthy, and their lawyers and accountants will find every single one of them. You and I don’t have access to those lawyers and accountants. Not that it would do any good to have that access, as there are no hidden goodies in this bill for the vast majority of us.

Happy holidays.