Letter: Silent majority must fight back

Published: 8/6/2020 12:01:30 AM

By a super majority, polls show that Americans are afraid to express their political beliefs because of the political climate. Liberals are the one privileged group who feel free to express their beliefs, and they’re very comfortable about punishing those who disagree with them. This is not America, and the silent majority needs to fight back on election day.

These editorial pages show absolutely zero enthusiasm for Joe Biden, just like in the primary. There’s more of a willingness to attack people like me who express their enthusiasm for President Trump. I am also seeing lame recycled letters of so-called “lifetime Republicans” who are voting Democrat like it was something new to them, while at the same time there’s a large-scale national movement (#walkaway) of Democrats who’re walking away from their intolerant party.

Speaking of recycling, Jeanne Shaheen is still trying to recycle the same old lie she did the last election, that she “stands up to her party.” A simple Google search showed that she voted against her puppet master Chuck Schumer only two times on bills that actually affect Americans. Shaheen tries to fool people by saying the she is more independent by trying to mask her hyper-partisan votes with meaningless cloture and procedural votes. So, Senator, if you stood up to your party, give us the actual Senate bill numbers so we can check for ourselves – which is something she won’t be able to do because it is a lie.




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