Letter: Concord should welcome solar array

Published: 2/11/2019 12:01:09 AM

That was such a wonderful article about the Lewis Farm folks who would like to build a 13-acre solar array (Sunday Monitor front page, Jan. 20). I hope that Concord welcomes the project and does not put up artificial obstructions.

The article referred to another proposed solar project at the Brochu Farms that was not allowed to go forward. Apparently, for ground coverage calculation, Concord places a panel flat on the ground and sees how many square feet would be covered. The only place where one would put a solar panel flat on the ground would be at the equator, where you would get maximum solar exposure. At our latitude, panels would be placed at about 45 degrees up from the horizontal for maximum gain. When Concord lays them flat, it increases ground coverage more than 40 percent, resulting in a totally meaningless calculation.

Similarly, when the Unitarian Universalist Church wanted to install solar panels, they were forced to spend many thousands of dollars on engineering drawings and shrubbery to disguise the panels. That money could have been put to far better use on other projects. Perhaps the powers that be in Concord thought that if children were riding down Pleasant Street, and they saw some solar panels, then some disaster would happen.

Concord and New Hampshire should welcome solar panels.



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