Letter: Choose Soucy in Ward 8

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Choose Soucy in Ward 8

I am pleased to support Dennis Soucy for Ward 8 councilor. I am hoping that the many residents who encouraged him to run will come out and vote for him.

Dennis is very concerned about the future of the Heights. Dennis knows Ward 8 backward, frontward and sideways.

He has lived on the Heights for more than 40 years and thus has a good knowledge of the area. Although his thoughts about national politics differ from mine, this upcoming election is nonpartisan and we do agree on many Heights issues.

Dennis and his wife, Carol Stebbins Soucy, constantly clean up along Russell Street to Regional Drive, and side streets along the way. Dennis and Carol are very active members of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on Loudon Road.

Many members of the church will ask him why the current council seems to ignore Ward 8, however you can be guaranteed that Dennis, if elected, will not ignore all the streets in Ward 8. You can be assured that if he is invited to a function he will attend.

I have appreciated his support in my position as Ward 8 state representative.

I hope the voters in Ward 8, who came out in droves last year to vote for president, will come out and vote for Dennis Soucy to represent Ward 8 on the city council. I know he and Ward 9 councilor Candace Bouchard will work as a team and communicate with each other.