Letter: Unacceptable

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It was with some surprise I learned of Gov. Chris Sununu standing on the steps of the State House praising New Hampshire, saying its “beauty is unmatched” and “nowhere on the planet is there a better place than New Hampshire for families, friends and couples to come.”

How can he talk about our state’s beauty one moment and in the next support the Northern Pass, which will destroy the things he praises?

Sununu said tourism is the state’s second largest tax revenue generator. Governor, why are you willing to destroy that much-needed revenue for one company?

Businesses relying on tourism have testified before the SEC and in letters, from Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, to Alex Ray of the Common Man restaurants, to Steve Duprey, who has, in the past five years, spent $60 million in offices and hospitality businesses in the Concord area.

Duprey stated, “The fact that New Hampshire would be burdened with a visibly unattractive power line that could negatively impact our tourism economy should warrant not approving the site as proposed.” All have stated the Northern Pass will devastate their businesses. This project is a no-win for New Hampshire and its people.

Sununu can’t have it both ways. He has chosen to allow the destruction of the peaceful, beauty of this state, with its tourism revenue, to benefit one company, one that has contributed large monies to his campaign.

Your behavior is unacceptable, Gov. Sununu.