Letter: Budget veto hurts all the people

Published: 7/9/2019 12:01:16 AM

Gov. Chris Sununu’s budget veto shows that tax cuts for his out-of-state donors, like Walmart and Comcast, matter more than Granite Staters. (Small businesses don’t benefit from the governor’s veto.) His veto eliminates $200 million of property tax relief.

Gov. Sununu did not weigh the consequences of his veto for the people of New Hampshire. His veto hurts all the people – those struggling with health challenges, families in crisis, school districts with inadequate resources, state revenue sharing funds going to cities and towns (for the first time in a decade), people trying to keep up with property tax payments.

The budget provided school districts with more state funding. The veto means they’ll receive less than last year. Concord will see a 2.7 percent decrease in funding from the state. Berlin just closed its last elementary school. Other municipalities are on the brink of disaster. The veto affects the most vulnerable communities the most, those property-poor communities least able to raise money for education through property taxes. People in New Hampshire pay more and more in property taxes and get less and less.

The governor’s veto hurts businesses. Businesses will not get the reforms they wanted and received in the vetoed budget. These reforms conformed state tax laws with the federal tax code and prevented double taxation on services performed in New Hampshire for out-of-state clients.

The governor is not working for the people but for himself, hoping to build a record to propel himself into federal office. No thanks, governor. Do your job for all New Hampshire people.



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