Letter: Sununu sides with dirty energy

Published: 9/9/2020 12:01:19 AM

On Sept. 16, the House will have the opportunity to vote to override Chris Sununu’s veto of Senate Bill 159, the last surviving net metering bill.

Gov. Sununu has failed to support bipartisan bills to enable net metering for larger producers of 1 to 5 MW, claiming that net metering shifts costs to ratepayers. The N.H. Public Utilities Commission found his claim of cost shifting is unsupported by the evidence. Dozens of municipalities, businesses, and institutions are poised to invest in cost-saving renewable energy projects if a net metering bill can pass. Generators need to be able to net meter and sell their excess power to the grid at a fair price to ratepayers.

For three years, net metering bills have been scrutinized and passed by strong bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate. For three years, the governor has disregarded the public will and vetoed these bills. Sununu is taking the side of entrenched utility interests that are stalling the transition to clean energy. Public campaign finance records show that these interests are significant contributors to Sununu campaigns.

We must overcome this corruption that is crushing clean jobs, clean air, and a clean future for our children. The Senate already overrode the veto unanimously. Now it is the House’s turn. Encourage your N.H. House representatives to override Sununu’s veto. Remember how they vote when you cast your ballot in November.


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