Letter: Support ‘death with dignity’

Published: 3/8/2020 12:01:12 AM

Please call your representatives to support House Bill 1659 now. This is not a suicide bill, this is a bill of compassion and kindness for people at their final stages of life.

This bill is also referred to as a “death with dignity” or “medical aid in dying” bill. Many New Hampshire adults, most of them seniors, are demanding and have a right to a peaceful end-of-life process that this bill guarantees.

These citizens have been deemed terminally ill by two physicians who verify the person’s diagnosis and prognosis. The attending physician will submit a prescription for medications that will hasten dying and relieve suffering. There is no coercion or pressure for patients to use the medications. In fact, a 2016 study of Oregon citizens that had signed up for death with dignity found that more than one-third of the patients with the lethal medicine did not end up using it.

This bill is a bill for autonomy, a right that New Hampshire (“Live Free or Die”) residents expect, especially during a very crucial time of their lives. This bill allows citizens to have a final say on how they leave the world.

No person or organized interest should infringe upon an individual’s right to decide their fate.

Please support this very important legislation by contacting your representatives now.



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