Letter: A pretty awful day made infinitely better

Published: 1/4/2019 12:01:22 AM

I am not sure quite how to thank some exceptionally kind people in Sanbornville.

We were driving home on Route 16 over the holidays when another car crashed into ours right by Miss Wakefield Diner. We had to wait with four little kids through the long process of having our car towed and getting a rental car to drive home. The lovely people of Miss Wakefield Diner took us in. We ordered lunch while we waited and the food was great, but more importantly, the staff showed so much genuine concern and kindness we felt instantly at home. They let us stay even after they closed so we could have a warm place to wait. The owner found small toys for the kids, and even offered to drive us the two hours home if the minivan rental didn’t come through. To top it off, a regular customer we didn’t even see paid for our lunch. I don’t know who you are, but you should know we so appreciate the kindness you showed us that day. Every single person at the diner made an otherwise pretty awful day infinitely better, and made us truly grateful for the kindness in this world. For anyone local to this special place, or anyone driving by, please give these wonderful people the recognition they deserve.



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