Editorial: Thank you, everybody, for all the little things

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Thank you to all of the people who hold open doors.

Thank you to those who say “How are you?” and mean it.

Thank you to drivers who create a break in traffic so fellow motorists can join the flow.

Thank you to people who travel all roads as if the other drivers are people they care about.

Thank you to those who move through public spaces as if they are among friends.

Thank you to people who see their fellow humans as teammates rather than obstacles.

Thank you to workers who appear to love their job – even when they don’t.

Thank you to customers who can tell when an employee is having a bad day and try to make it better, or at least not worse.

Thank you to those who make an effort to get to know their neighbors.

Thank you to neighbors who balance a respect for privacy with a willingness to lend a hand when needed.

Thank you to residents who embrace cultural diversity as the foundation of a vibrant community.

Thank you to citizens who know the difference between being afraid and acting out of fear.

Thank you to readers who follow the news but are not consumed by it.

Thank you to subscribers who write letters and comments that are intended to serve as bridges rather than wedges.

Thank you to pedestrians who smile at strangers they pass on the sidewalk.

Thank you to people who know that the world unfolds outside their phone, not within it.

Thank you to students who are consistently kind, even when that kindness requires courage.

Thank you to anyone who strives to do the right thing, even when it’s the hardest thing.

Thank you to parents who make sure their children feel safe and loved, all while encouraging them to venture out bravely into the world.

Thank you to grandparents who are generous with their wisdom but hesitant to judge.

Thank you to those who are habitually honest, even when they know they will pay a price.

Thank you to people who care more about the truth than being right.

Thank you to everyone who knows that complaining about the way things are won’t change a thing.

Thank you to all who understand that small gestures like these shape the moments that become minutes, that become hours, days, months, years – that become a life.