Letter: I have your back, Ward 8

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
I have your back, Ward 8

The people of Concord have spoken. Even though things did not go as planned for me, I will carry on and accept my loss in the Ward 8 city council race.

I wish Gail Matson the very best. She ran a very clean campaign.

I am a fighter, and I respect my chain of command. If ever called again and needed, I will always have your back and tell you the truth and never let you down. I will always be there to help and jump back in the fire as needed if my health is good.

I salute all the winners for all their time, effort and service to the people of Concord. This commitment takes a great deal of time. People are telling me that I don’t need this and to relax and enjoy my family.

Thank you and enjoy the Christmas parade with your family on Saturday, Nov. 18. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and God bless America.