Children covered with kindness

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

On behalf of the deserved kids involved with the Friends Youth Mentoring Program, I offer deep appreciation for the outpouring of generosity toward them this holiday season.

Direct gifts of toys, clothing, sports equipment and more provided support and a line of hope toward better days. Several businesses and individuals sponsored kids: Jan Eskeland with fifth-graders from Bow Memorial School; Marolyn Miller with Upton & Hatfield; Sue Lyndes with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital; Rhonda Decato with Dartmouth Hitchcock; Kim Germino with Affiliates in Podiatry; Randy Sorrenty with New Enlgand Employee Benefits Company; Stacey Burgess with McLane Law Office; Leslie Smith and Sarah Dolcino with Sanbord, Head, and Associates; Cindy Brown with Praxair Technologies; Cheryl Schneider with Concord Ladies of Harley; Deb Bridges with N.H. Bar Association; Shannon Wright with Wilson Employment, Arvlynne Ferrelli; Angie Borden; Ilene Stern; Erin McNabb; Ed Facey; Chelsea Shea and Jason Lambert; Leslie Ari; Lily Wellington; Nancy Paul and Donna Clarico. The efforts here were truly heartwarming and certainly remarkable.

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program is in its 43rd year providing meaningful one-on-one services to children. We couldn’t do what we do without the kindness of people who care about the next generation and believe in investing in a program that works. Hats off to all right here in Merrimack County who stepped up to be someone who matters to someone who matters. They put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces where smiles were needed.

Terri A. Smith,
program director