There’s no dancing around this thank you

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
‘Dancing Around’ the City Auditorium

There’s no “Dancing Around” the City Auditorium’s thanks for the 27th anniversary “Rhythm on the Night” show. The RON dancing cast of 178 supported by a 36-member production crew presented the annual “extravaganza,” truly the state’s largest celebration of fine dancing. We are grateful to Miranda Milano of NV Dance Productions who directed the show and featured her fellow directors and schools: Cindy Flanagan of Concord Dance Academy; Bridget Edinger of Creative Dance Workshop of Bow; Joan Kelly of Dancesteps Etc.; Brandi Nylen Reed of Eastern Ballet Institute; Gen Woodward of Gen’s Dance Studio; Ana McKenna of Mackinaw Dance Center; Lisa Drouin Goff of Turning Pointe Center of Dance. We thank the production team led by David Murdo, noting Steven Meier and Miranda Milano’s special lighting and Carl Smith’s sound design, plus Russell Allen’s graphics, Joanie McIntire’s Hospitality team, the Concord Coachmen Barbershoppers, and the RSVP volunteers.

The evening’s success was assured by three generous sponsors: Sue McCoo of Viking House, David Dingman of Capitol Craftsman and Romance Jewelers and Rich Woodfin of Charter Trust Company.

This company of 214 neighbors – all great Friends of the Audi – provided a wonderful evening of family entertainment, a community showcase and stage time for our fine dancers prior to the upcoming competitions.

Special thanks are sent to the audience for their enthusiastic and thoughtful support of all the young talent.

Once again, the “Rhythm of the Night” company has topped off the performance with the evening’s gift to their schools’ home theatre: a $5,000 contribution to the new Audi upgrade project – replacing the stage curtains, a change which will enhance every show. There’s no dancing around our million thanks!

On another note, Cindy Flanagan’s Concord Dance Academy has donated $500 to the Friends of The Concord City Auditorium toward the new Audi upgrade project, replacement of the stage curtains. The school’s annual “Holiday Spectacular” is truly spectacular, as it is an annual benefit for The Friendly Kitchen and Toys for Tots in addition to auditorium upgrades.

The Friends of The Audi