Letter: Don’t overlook Soviet role in defeating Nazis

Published: 6/11/2019 12:01:27 AM

As we observe the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it takes nothing away from the heroism and sacrifice of U.S. soldiers during World War II to remember that most of the fighting, death and suffering in Europe during World War II happened on the Eastern Front.

From 1941 on, the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the Nazi war machine and played the more significant role in the Allies’ defeat of Hitler. More than 10 million soldiers in the Red Army were killed in World War II, and more than 15 million Soviet citizens died during the war.

Hitler committed most of Germany’s military assets to “Operation Barbarossa” in the east, and it was there on the Eastern Front that the Germans suffered three-fourths of their wartime losses. As Churchill observed after the war, the British supplied the time, the Americans supplied the treasure and the Soviets supplied the blood. It was an allied effort that defeated Nazi Germany.



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