Letter: Trump playbook in the State House

Published: 2/26/2020 12:01:26 AM

Why am I not surprised that Rep. Charles Burns, R-Milford, takes a page from his Herr Diktator’s narcissistic playbook when it comes to training about keeping people – mostly women – safe from predatory behavior (Monitor front page, Feb. 21)? After all, grabbing women’s privates is Trump’s Divine Right because he’s famous. Burns is offended and insulted that anyone would even hint that he needed to learn anything. His act of “civil disobedience” is laughable, if it weren’t so telling.

Unh-unh, nobody’s going to tell him how to behave! (The mantra of Trumpers.) And then, on another page from that odious playbook, feeling attacked, he threatens to punish Democrats with viewing footage of fetal abortions for such effrontery.

Well, I hope constituents in Milford look long and hard at Charlie’s position when it comes to re-election. No legislative body needs such creeps.



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