Letter: Look to Libertarians

Published: 2/18/2019 12:01:15 AM

When you see the phrase “Free (fill in the blank) for all,” watch out: Things are about to go south.

New Hampshire is awash with politicians flocking here to promise us free stuff if only we will vote for them. And not to be outdone, our local politicians are matching them and raising them one. Free medical care is a biggie, completely ignoring what Obamacare was like and making no effort to increase the supply of new doctors while the system drives current doctors out.

Never mind that Venezuela and other socialist countries offer free medical care but are crumbling. Yet people believe it is not the system that is wrong, it was just bad management, and new people will fix that. Not a chance.

In the capitalist system, “free” things generally aren’t really free. So it is in the socialist system that is being proposed. Goods and services that were “free” are still “free,” they have just disappeared. “Free” is code for taking something from one person against their will and giving it to someone else you think is more deserving. This is not democracy; it is tribal warfare.

Both major parties aren’t giving much choice as to what to vote for (Get Trump versus Build the Wall). Many people are a “man without a party” due to the extreme shift in major party stances. Now is the time for a viable third party such as the Libertarian Party. Libertarians are anti-war, pro-choice, and support LGBT, marijuana and lower taxes.



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