Letter: The immigration solution

Friday, January 12, 2018
The immigration solution

In light of the ruling by yet another Left Coast, activist judge legislating from the bench by blocking the end to DACA, people need to apply some intellectual honesty to not only DACA but the entire immigration debate. 

Most of us get it. Democrats support not only DACA but illegal immigration as they expect that, if these folks become citizens, they will vote Democratic.  

Republicans are in no hurry to get illegal immigration under control as they serve companies looking for cheap labor.

The immigration solution is simple.  End chain migration, end the lottery, secure the border and allow DACA recipients to remain here permanently with no path to full citizenship. Their parents should pay a hefty fine and never be eligible for citizenship; if they have somehow become citizens or legal residents, it should be revoked. No need for deportation; allow them to stay under a green card.

If Democrats are truly compassionate and not just virtue signaling, they should find this solution humane and fair; after all, these folks broke our laws to come here, live under the radar and they should not be rewarded with citizenship.

The immigration system and existing laws are not broken, the manipulation of the system by Republicans and Democrats (cheap labor and future voters) have served lobbyists, corporations and political activists instead of the best interest of the American people.

Ronald Reagan went down the path of amnesty and it failed with illegal immigration exploding 30 years later.  

We should not repeat the same mistake again.