Letter: The great divide

Saturday, December 09, 2017
The great divide

Ayn Whytemare notes that “the desire for ‘tea’ lurks in the background of men’s minds from the time they hit puberty until they die. Most women I know find this baffling” (Monitor Forum, Nov. 18). She continues with a lengthy diatribe regarding men and sex.

What I found most telling is how she ended her piece. “Women are humans and our bodies are attached to our souls. Our sexuality is a vulnerable gift. . . . When you ignore that, you are pretending sex is something outside of us that we can put on and take off.”

First point, “Women are humans.” What exactly does that mean? Men aren’t? The intimation I read in this statement is that men are aliens or subhuman and either have no souls or their souls are somehow not attached to them. Or is it just a sloppy way of telling men to stop treating us like aliens?

More than that, however, is the fact that she acknowledges men view sex differently, that it is hard-wired into their being in a way women find baffling. But in the end, what I get out of all this “tea” talk is that Whytemare ignores how men view sex in exactly the same way she accuses men of ignoring a woman’s view regarding sex. When we ignore the views of others, we are not communicating effectively.

Perhaps we are all from either Mars or Venus. Be careful with this analogy though, because not all men are gods of war and not all women are goddesses of love (or, if you know your ancient gods, sex and fertility).