Letter: House Kurkism

Thursday, December 07, 2017
House Kurkism

The state of New Hampshire, starring Neal Kurk, has again attacked the senior citizens who have retired from long-term state service. They are not done with current employees yet.

Neal Kurkism penalizes state employees and retirees by trying to balance the budget on the backs of the impoverished (impoverished by the state). It was bad enough last time the attack occurred, with penalizing just the people who dared to retire (by policy, I might add) between the ages of 60 and 65. He is now penalizing people who are not 70 yet. The under-65 have to pay $210.29, 65 to 70 with Medicare $36.24 (this is new) for health insurance. This does not include all the co-pays and deductibles for meds and care that they increased.

The state does not seem to care that people on a small fixed income have to decide whether to eat or buy meds, both of which are needed to survive. Neal Kurk can do all this without further approval. I wrote a letter last go-round that was mostly ignored by the Finance Committee. They don’t want to hear from anyone on these issues (they say we are disgruntled or upset; damn right, we are and should be) so maybe if we vote the Neal Kurks out and any others like him, including the governor, who refuses to go back to the table with current employees, we may be able to avoid pitching a tent down by the river.

The state used to be the place to work; it isn’t any more. Low pay and no benefits are not going to attract employees.