Letter: ’Tis the season

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
’Tis the season

The holiday season can be “the most wonderful time of the year” for folks who have the resources to give gifts to family, friends and colleagues. It can also be a time of extreme stress and depression for those whose resources are limited. The Capital Region Food Program (capitalregionfoodprogram.org) has worked for more than 43 years to attempt to reduce the burden on individuals and families throughout the greater Concord area who are in need of assistance.

This season more than 4,000 boxes of food will be distributed to nearly 6,900 economically and physically challenged individuals. This is accomplished through the efforts of the entirely volunteer workforce. Capital Region Food Program is well recognized as an exemplary nonprofit. This organization differs from others in that every penny donated is used to purchase food. This distinguishes the Capital Region Food Program from other similar organizations in that no funds are utilized for administrative overhead, salaries, advertising, transportation, supplies, storage facilities or any other non-food costs.

At a time when the impact of local commerce has become emphasized, so too should local giving. Since the Capital Region Food Program provides no-cost food items to over 30 local agencies in the greater Concord area throughout the entire year, it represents the epitome of local giving and volunteerism.



(The writer is a volunteer for the Capital Region Food Program.)