Letter: The Russia story

Published: 12/7/2018 12:01:03 AM

If you haven’t seen the Nov. 30 episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, I strongly recommend watching it. Even if you consider her to be representative of the liberal left, I ask that you watch this particular show and just consider the ideas that she presents in explaining the “Russia Thing” that has been saturating our lives for two years. She offers an interesting explanation for the actions of the people in the Trump administration, the Trump family, and Trump business and personal associates.

Many have said that you need to follow the money because it’s at the core of this tornado of lies, deceptions and secrecy. She’s done that. Her theory connects the expectation of great amounts of money by the actors in the campaign of candidate Trump and the presidency.

Suppose, she says, the series of events happened in this way: Trump Hotel planning begins (30 something years ago?); financing offered by the Russian VTB Bank (sanctioned by U.S.); lifting of sanctions to get financing; Russia realizing it can offer the tower building and help with the election in return for lifting sanctions; the Trump campaign accepts the Russian offer for help in return for lifting sanctions once they are elected; the hotel planning and building continues because the Trump company is still in business; Russia knows the lies told about the deal; the president and his administration are compromised.

The implications are so serious that it seems worthwhile to listen and think about what she has to say.



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