Letter: The highest of stakes

Published: 7/31/2020 12:03:02 AM

2020 represents an inflection point, a time of profound change. Two events, the coronavirus pandemic and renewed protests against racial inequality, have defined a tumultuous year.

It is time to abandon worn out labels like the political left and right. Actions are more important than words. We face a choice. Do we favor an inclusive or exclusive society? Do we want continued polarization or constructive dialogue? Do we prefer a secret police dressed in camouflage to dominate our streets or cooperation between law enforcement and the communities it serves? Do we want authoritarian leadership that ignores the rule of law or an enlightened government that upholds its Constitution? Do we want an administration that listens to its health care experts or ignores their professional advice? Do we want a country that separates families at the border or shows empathy and respect for all people? Do we seek a government that serves the wealthy and well connected and suppresses the voting rights of minorities and less advantaged citizens? Do we want one person rule or government by and for all the people?

These are the stakes of the 2020 election. They could not be higher.



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