Letter: Hypocrisy on Israel

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Hypocrisy on Israel

The 45th president says that the U.S. favors a “two-state solution.” How is this possible when Israeli’s government continues to allow the construction of more and more illegal Jewish colonies (settlements) on stolen Palestinian land? It is so hypocritical of him to say that he wants peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Almost the entire world condemns those illegal settlements as an impediment to real peace. Many of these “settlers” perpetrate acts of violence against Palestinians, burning their olive trees, poisoning their animals, and attacking and even killing innocent Palestinians. My organization does not condone Palestinian violence aimed at Israelis whether they are settlers, soldiers or innocent civilians.

If reports in the media are accurate, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was very upset in December 2016 that the U.N. Security Council was going to vote on Resolution 2334 that expressed criticism of Israel for supporting the expansion of these settlements. Apparently, Netanyahu contacted Trump’s mediator for achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Jared Kushner, to have someone in the transition team (Michael Flynn) pressure members of the Security Council to vote against Res. 2334. So, is the U.S. acting as an “honest broker” for peace? Incidentally, Kushner, his father and his father-in-law, have donated money in support of these illegal “colonies.” So much for creating peace.

Concerning a two-state solution, Netanyahu as head of the Likud Party, knows full well that his party platform states that as long as his organization controls the government, there will never be an independent, sovereign Palestinian state.



(The writer is a coordinator for N.H. Veterans for Peace.)