Letter: Voucher legislation is a ‘termite bill’

Published: 8/6/2018 12:01:00 AM

Gov. Chris Sununu’s self-proclaimed “signature” piece of legislation, Senate Bill 193, the school voucher bill presently on hold but which Sununu promises to revive if re-elected, is what I call a termite bill.

Its impact is that it eats a hole in our public school system and slowly destroys it over time. How? Our legislators have crafted a bill that siphons state money targeted for local school districts and subsidizes individuals to either be home-schooled or attend a sectarian school or a private school of their choice. The legislation estimates, very conservatively, that about 2,000 children over 11 years will avail themselves of this money out of the approximately 204,000 children who attend community schools. The cost is estimated to be $100,000,000. That’s money that will not be available to the local communities for their public schools.

But wait, there’s more. The crafters of the bill figure that number will grow over the years. Each time it does, more money goes to those individuals and less money comes to your town. So how does your community make it up? Higher property taxes, of course.

However, several states have discovered, to their dismay, that over time voucher bills cause funding for community education to be so greatly reduced that the majority of students get short-changed, enticing more parents, who can afford it, to seek costly private education. This is the termite aspect of the bill. It bores a hole in community education and taxpayers’ pocket books until local schools collapse.




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