Police arrest three after Franklin home invasion

  • Juan Flores

  • Bryan Martinez

  • Melissa Natal

Monitor staff
Friday, August 25, 2017

Two men and a woman burst into a Franklin home early Friday morning armed with guns and a baseball bat and robbed a disabled mother, police said.

Melissa Natal, Juan Flores, Bryan Martinez, all Franklin residents, entered the home at 79 School St., at about 3 a.m. and demanded money from a woman in bed, who is paralyzed from the chest down, police said.

Martinez jumped on top of the woman and tried to duct tape her mouth shut while she attempted to fight him off as best she could, according to police.

Her roommates heard the commotion and one went into the bedroom to ward off the attackers and was punched “about a dozen times in the back of the head,” according to court documents.

Outside the bedroom, the woman’s children were asking why their mother was crying. Three of the children huddled around another roommate as Flores pointed a gun at them, police said.

“He pulled the kids away with him because he did not want any of them to get shot,” police said in court documents.

Once Martinez grabbed money from the disabled woman’s bra, the three fled, witnesses said. But police were already on their way, responding to a report of a disturbance in the area.

Officers said they located and stopped the fleeing vehicle with Natal, Flores and Martinez inside.

From her wheelchair, the disabled woman identified her attackers and police charged the trio with a host of crimes, including 11 felonies.

Natal, 35, was charged with felony conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal restraint, conspiracy to commit criminal restraint; and misdemeanor simple assault and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Flores, 25, was charged with felony conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Martinez, 24, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit burglary, second degree assault, criminal restraint and criminal threatening, all felonies.

All three suspects were arraigned Friday afternoon in Merrimack County Superior Court.

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