Letter: Three cheers for Gardner

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Three cheers for Gardner

Bill Gardner may just be the last honest and ethical Democrat or Republican politician in the state of New Hampshire.

The Monitor’s front-page article of Sept. 9 discussing the pressures on Gardner to resign from the voter fraud panel was revealing to say the least.

Voting is a privilege inherent in a free society and must be available to all. In addition, it is a duty of all citizens to vote.

However, voting must be structured to prevent fraud and abuse by dishonest individuals or politicians. I was especially dismayed to see the state’s entire congressional delegation demand Gardner resign from the commission.

Some 6,500-plus people who voted in the last election did so by presenting only a driver’s license from outside of New Hampshire. More than half of those voters were in the college towns of the state.

Wouldn’t it be great to vote twice? Obtain an absentee ballot, vote in your home state and vote again in New Hampshire. There is no method in place today in New Hampshire that can prevent that abuse.

Gardner was absolutely right in calling the congressional delegation hypocrites for their demand that he resign. In our ever-increasingly divided country, no less state, assuring full and honest voting must be guaranteed by whatever party is in power, and our elected officials must lead that charge no matter what party.

Gardner’s last quoted comment was spot on: “How are you ever going to get to the facts if you are not willing to do it in a collaborative way”?