Letter: Time to end trapping

Published: 2/12/2020 12:01:29 AM

Saturday in Franklin, the New Hampshire Trapper’s Association will be hosting its annual banquet. A group will be outside protesting. Precious New Hampshire wildlife are trapped and tortured for nothing but hobby, recreation and sport. The fur market is basically non-existent, and people do not eat foxes or raccoons.

The Miss New Hampshire Organization has the trappers as sponsors, and every year accepts a fur coat from them. The leaders of the organization and New Hampshire trappers claim that the winner has the choice to accept the fur coat or not. It turns out that is not the case. Two former candidates contacted me and informed me they were made to feel like they didn’t have an option. They are willing to go on record publicly saying so. Both feel that this fur coat tradition is wrong for Miss New Hampshire and unsettling for many of the candidates.

There is also legislation regarding trapping being heard on Feb. 18, House Bill 1504. That hearing promises to be packed by both sides over this controversial issue. The general public is increasingly frustrated in not having a say about what is happening to wildlife. It is time to end antiquated, cruel traditions, and trapping and fur top that list.



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