My Turn: Dear GOP: Read up on election laws

For the Monitor
Saturday, July 22, 2017

To my Republican Party: I don’t have time to educate your people. Start campaigning. Stop complaining. Don’t disrupt the polling place. Use the proper forms to challenge a voter. Read the laws.

Don’t run crying to WMUR, whose political reporting is about as accurate as their weather forecasts.

Don’t cry to the attorney general without following the correct process. It’s embarrassing to him when he makes a statement to the press and then finds out he had the wrong information.

One of your poll watchers, Joseph, came into my polling place in Concord’s Ward 9 on July 18 with a chip on his shoulder, believing he was going to expose a rampant den of voter fraud in an elderly housing project. He proceeded to question the process from the beginning. He should have read the laws so he knew what he was talking about.

I gave him a convenient place to be an observer and chairs to sit in. He abused that location and interrupted the election process, so I moved him out front, which is where he should have been in the first place.

He then demanded, in the middle of the polling place, that I take a picture of two voters who my chairperson of the supervisors of the checklist had verified as eligible to vote. I said no. He demanded again, saying that my supervisor could not verify identity.

I invited him to go read the law, and he later said to me, “Oh, Steve, I checked the law and you were right.” That was two more times he disrupted the election-day process. He should get some training before stepping into the role of challenger again.

I called Jeanie Forrester and explained that I had no problem with the other four people at the polls, but that I wanted Joseph removed. She said she would take care of it immediately, and she did. When she spoke with WMUR, she said I was annoyed. I was much more than annoyed, and she knew it. I was appalled that any party would disrupt the election process.

I know it would be a feather in your cap and the attorney general’s cap to show how unscrupulous, elderly Havenwood residents are committing voter fraud, but you should probably look further than your staunch Republicans at the nursing home. My party’s actions are alienating those voters who are the remains of the Old Guard.

Believe me when I say that you are barking up the wrong tree. These residents may be feeble in body but their minds are sharp as a tack – and you would not want to get into a political debate with any of them. They would bury you.

I will meet with you, discuss with you or debate you on the proper polling place process. Anytime, anywhere.

Until then, have a great day and please: If you, as my party, are going to survive, start campaigning without the drama and by talking to the people.

Come on, really? 284-82? And you think you put any effort into this campaign?

(Stephen Ludwick, a Republican, is the moderator of Ward 9 in Concord.)