Letter: Worry about climate, not school starting date

Published: 9/13/2018 12:00:31 AM

A front-page headline in the Sept. 3 Monitor reads, “Plan to delay school start date draws ire,” referring to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desire to push back the start of school until after Labor Day. His rationale is that delaying the start of school until after Labor Day would help tourism.

If the governor truly cared about tourism, he would acknowledge and prioritize man-induced climate change, which is well on its way to harming tourism. We will experience far less summer tourism when our warming waters are increasingly overrun with cyanobacteria, when ticks continue to multiply, with their multitude of disease-carrying capacities, when rising seas erode and encroach on our beaches, and when our lobster and moose populations have retreated north to cooler climates.

When our maple trees have succumbed to heat and disease and no longer sport their beautiful foliage, will tourists flock to the Granite Sate in the autumn? And with inconsistent winter snows, interspersed with rain and ice, skiing slopes, cross-country trails, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling revenues and enjoyment will be harmed. Skating or playing hockey on a frozen pond will soon be pleasures of the past, and ice-fishing will become a quaint lost skill.

Yes, indeed my ire has been stoked. Does our governor really think that extending summer vacations a few more days is going to help tourism while simultaneously he ignores the biggest threat to tourism that has ever existed? We deserve a governor who acknowledges the reality of climate science.



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