Joseph Mendola: By resisting Trump, Democrats are betraying the working people

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers a radio address on July 24, 1933. AP

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Published: 10/21/2018 12:10:09 AM

The Democrats in Congress (our New Hampshire delegation included) have decided to follow the theme of their leaders, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, which is to resist the agenda of the Trump administration.

The Democrats still do not understand that the reason they lost the presidency is because the Obama administration treated the working people of America with “benign neglect.” And now, by resisting the fiscal and trade policies of the Trump administration, the Democrats are treating the working people with “injurious neglect.”

President Donald Trump went to the working people in the Midwest and the South and promised to grow the economy so that they would have the opportunity for full-time jobs with rising wages, as opposed to their plight under the Obama administration, where employment growth amounted to part-time jobs with stagnant wages.

President Trump has delivered even though the Democrats have resisted him every step of the way. These actions on the part of Democrats make them adversaries of working people.

In 1932, President Franklin Roosevelt gave a campaign radio address called “The Forgotten Man.” He said the forgotten men were the workers at the bottom of the economic pyramid. President Roosevelt promised the American people not to forget them if elected. Some analysts say that speech was responsible for Roosevelt winning that election.

Donald Trump decided to run for president for exactly the same reason as President Roosevelt, vowing not to forget working people, those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, if he was elected. He hasn’t. But Democrats are more interested in regaining power than working with the president to grow the middle class.

In 2017, President Trump got the first tax reform act passed in 30 years. This tax reform was directed at helping corporations to be more competitive globally by building plants and doing business here in America instead of some foreign country. Corporate investment in America means more job security for American workers. He also lowered taxes on the $3 trillion earned overseas by American corporations so that capital can return to America and build our economy. So, with about $2 trillion coming back to America, those corporations will be paying 14 percent in taxes and not the former rate of 35 percent. That means that corporations will be paying about $280 billion in taxes instead of the zero taxes from these funds trapped overseas because of the uncompetitive tax rate of the Obama administration. Even thought the tax act was designed to make corporations more competitive, 70 percent of the working people in America are receiving a higher take-home pay than if the tax reform was not passed. Doing away with unnecessary regulations on businesses gives them the confidence to invest again in America and create more good-paying jobs.

In 2018, the president is working on correcting the abuses of the unfair trade practices that presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton failed to correct when they were in office. The media is more supportive of our “friends and allies” and China than what the president is trying to do for the long-term best interest of the working people in America. Unfortunately, the silence of the Democrats is deafening as it relates to getting a better trade deal for the American workers.

How could anyone call the present trade imbalance “free trade” when our “friends and allies” and China charge American exports nine times what we charge them, and Canada charges our dairy farmers tariffs that are 330 percent higher?

China is stealing our intellectual property, and the Democrats are not voicing their support for the efforts of the president to get China to stop its theft. This lack of support for the president encourages China to not negotiate with us, in hopes that the Democrats win control of Congress next month and go back to the policies of the Obama administration.

Why is it called free trade when our trading partners charge us tariffs that take away American jobs but when we increase our tariffs, because our trading partners refuse to make their tariffs fair, it is called protectionism? Where is the support from the Democrats on this trade imbalance issue?

Rep. Annie Kuster has a campaign ad that says she helped passed a law that makes it more difficult to smuggle opioids into our country. But she opposes our New Hampshire border patrols that protect our citizens from drug dealers coming into our state from Canada. Does she not know that M-13 gangs and drug smugglers do not care about our laws? They are outlaws. But the Democrats will not support the president to build a wall with doors on our southern border to really stop opioids from reaching New Hampshire citizens.

Illegal aliens place a severe burden on our Medicaid programs, which adversely affects the legitimate people who need Medicaid support.

The decision on the part of our Democratic elected officials to resist the president’s efforts to grow our American economy is proof that Democrats have forgotten the largest part of their base, the working people at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Instead, Democrats embraced the socialist and environmental extremists in their party.

Just as President Roosevelt said it was important to remember the working people in America in order to end the Depression, President Trump knew he had to remember those folks, too, in order to achieve economic growth for all.

This is why I am supporting the Republican ticket in the November election.

(Joseph Mendola lives in Warner.)

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