Letter: Trump and Hitler

Published: 8/7/2018 12:01:02 AM

American society and its institutions are now threatened from within and from outside our borders. President Donald Trump’s recent rallies with his political base screaming slogans at his prompting are alarming.

History does not repeat itself, but there are, in the present circumstance, similarities between Trump and Adolf Hitler. One admires dictators, while the other was one. Both blame their country’s social and political problems on “them” – Jews, Latin Americans and others. Both bypassed their legislatures. Hitler burned down the Reichstag building, and Trump’s disdain for Congress has been aided by a weak congressional leadership and by members who are unwilling to challenge him.

Mass rallies are used to excite their political base and to focus their anger on perceived public enemies. The comparison ends here. Hitler wanted to restore German pride and economy by invading neighboring countries. Trump uses our military to threaten countries that challenge him.

What do we do? We must support moderate political candidates who actively support our American political institutions and the political values of democracy that we hold dear. Despite words to the contrary, there are real facts that can counter the hateful words of the partisan few. Those groups that use political slogans as their quick solution to create a utopian America really mean that the few will prosper while all the other Americans will live in fear.

As the Nov. 4 elections loom nearer, we must all reject simple partisan solutions to our complex problems and support vigorously those candidates who will actively work to strengthen our democratic institutions that define us as a unique nation.



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