My Turn: I hate Trump, but I love my country

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Published: 5/6/2018 12:20:22 AM

Jeanie Forrester, chairwoman of the N.H. Republican Party, said “Democrats hate Trump more than they love this country” (Sunday Monitor Forum, April 29).

I believe millions of women and men who have been molested, raped and/or sexually harassed feel their stomachs turn at the mere sight of the louse. I do not call a president or political party “patriotic” when they fan the flames of racism, undermine democratic institutions, sow distrust of the FBI, mock the disabled, attack our free press, dismantle public education and install “champagne and caviar” Cabinet members who are unqualified and corrupt.

Obstruction? How dare she use that word to describe minority Democrats in both Houses after President Barack Obama was constantly confronted by majority Republicans whose mantra was, “No. No. No. Make Obama a one-term president.”

The most egregious example came in 2012 and 2013, when President Obama asked Congress to reduce the corporate income tax to 25 percent. The Republican majority House, which controls the country’s purse strings,” said “No, no.” Republicans deserve complete responsibility for trillions of dollars over the past 6 years being held offshore, thus making it untaxable in the United States and kept from investment in our economy at a time we needed it most.

Most voters over age 28 remember the financial collapse of 2008. Unemployment skyrocketed to over 10 percent. One of the biggest Wall Street financial firms, Bear Stearns, was going belly up until JP Morgan bought them out, creating another bank “too big to fail.” Home foreclosures were rampant. Donald Trump screams about jobs moving overseas. But voters know Trump outsourced everything from ties to vodka to other countries.

I do fault President Obama for pushing the Affordable Health Care Act rather than infrastructure rebuilding using political capital a new president has. Even so, he persevered. According to Bloomberg News, there was an uptick in jobs for 76 months under Obama prior to Trump taking office. Trump had the gall to say, regarding the economy, that “I inherited a mess . . . worst economy.” Trump is an opportunist who knew he was incompetent (note his bankruptcies) to take on such problems by running for president in 2008 or 2012. Rather, he spent his time pushing the “birther” nonsense. Once Trump was nominated, he said never mind, Obama is a citizen. Of course he was! Obama also had the decency to ask for Congress’s authorization to bomb Syria when they crossed the “red line.” The Republican Congress said “No,” but gave a pass to Trump.

Then there’s the whole deficit spending/national debt thing.

When Democrat Bill Clinton left office, we had no deficit and the national debt was very low and close to being paid off. And yes, I give credit to 1990s Republicans who were true conservatives. Then came the unfunded wars of the George W. Bush administration, along with big tax cuts for the wealthy. (I do respect “W” more now that we have the Trump comparison.) Now, when the economy is good, most economists believe we should pay down the debt. It is no different than when a household’s income rises. Most people would pay down their debt instead of getting new credit cards.

Today’s so-called Republicans love to blame Social Security and Medicare for our indebtedness. Apparently, they are unaware that Social Security is a separate, stable “checking account” from the account that is meant to fund federal government costs, for example military, VA benefits, Pell grants, etc. Yes, Social Security will need more funding in a decade or so, or institute a “need” requirement. Medicare would greatly benefit from being “allowed” to negotiate drug prices and offering a buy-in for at least those citizens between 50 and 65. Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan recently stated: “The deficit is being driven by old people.” What does he know?

So, yes, I do hate President Donald John Trump, but I love my country more.

(Nancy Heath lives in Epsom.)

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