Letter: The opioid reality

Sunday, August 13, 2017
The opioid reality

President Trump’s claim about the opioid crisis in New Hampshire is far from childish. It is an important reality that needs to be dealt with.

The president went all over our state during the presidential campaign and was amazed at the answer when he asked “what was the biggest concern that we, as citizens, had.” The answer he got was the opioid crisis.

Yes, there are lower-income folks up north who need help but there are people there making choices to engage in doing drugs. There is plenty of construction work up north that our young people can learn a trade in.

President Trump shared his remarks with the Mexican president asking him to help stop the influx of illegal aliens who are contributing to the drugs coming into our country. This activity is called interdiction. Interdiction is what the federal government should be doing. It is the state’s responsibility to work on prevention activities. It is the combination of interdiction, education and prevention that solves the opioid crisis.